Charlotte Barron-Jones ( Founder / Director / Instructor) and Staff

Charlotte's School of Dance was established by Miss Charlotte in Texas in 1963.  Having successfully operated the studio for ten years, she moved to Georgia in 1973 and opened Charlotte's School of Dance in Winder, later expanding to a second studio located in Loganville, GA, in 1985.  Charlotte has built a reputation for not only herself, but for the studio as well, as providing quality expertise and knowledge to all students who walk through the door.  She differentiates herself in the dance business through providing an education to her students that stays true to the rules of classical training, an extremely rare quality within the dance community today.   Her methods not only make dancing fun for all ages, but have been proven many times to provide technique that truly lasts a lifetime.  She encompasses a rare gift of understanding children, possessing the ability to inspire them to make dance an integral part of their lives.

"Miss Charlotte", as she is affectionately known to all of her students, is an active member of Dance Educators of America, a prestigious instructor organization who upholds the highest qualifications for members.    Being a certified teacher through Dance Educators of America requires extensive examinations for membership, granting certifications to those who only show the highest of knowledge in the field.  Miss Charlotte regularly continues to advance her dance education each year by studying with many renowned coaches and choreographers at various dance conventions designed specifically for the professional dance teacher. 

Miss Savanna


Savanna started dancing with Miss Charlotte at the age of three.  She has studied dance for 20 years and is proficient in ballet, tap, jazz, and clogging.    

Savanna loves children and is exceptionally good at teaching pre-school and young students of all ages.

We are very fortunate to have her on our staff.